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Being Cheesy is Cool... Day 7

Staying at a Harvest Host Blue Heron location was nice. We woke early and ate as today we were going to visit the Tillamook Creamery. But today was also laundry day!! YAY.

We were able to get the laundry finished fairly quickly by using multiple machines and then headed on to the Creamery. I was excited, its my favorite cheese, and we were going to try the fried cheese curds!! how exciting! Well of course when we arrived we went on the self guided tour and then bought a shirt. And finally got in line to grab some cheese curds.

And of course the pork belly poutine reminded us of Vancouver, so of course we ordered that as well as the grill cheese sandwich with bacon. Hmmm...was it to much cheese?

After stuffing ourselves we jumped in Yub Nub and hit the road going North towards Astoria. On the way we stopped near seaside and took a walk to Short Sand Beach and I'm glad we did. The walk through the forest until the trees ended and opened to the beach was spectacular.

After spending some time on the beach, we continued up North and drove into Lewis and Clark National Historical Park. The park features a replica of Fort Clatstop with costumed rangers around the Fort to answer questions about what it would have been like in the early 1800s.

We had our first official camping experience the trip and stayed at Fort Stevens Campgrounds. Lucky for us they had a vacancy for the night only. We pulled out the Blackstone griddle had dinner and then we took unlimited hot showers, an amenity in the campground.

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