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Boon docking in Santa Cruz

Took a second trip to Santa Cruz to help my Banana Slug son with his car, we tried jump starting it the last time with no luck, but I was still hoping it was just his battery. I went to the local auto parts store to pick it up and to my surprise he indicated that I still had a warranty on the battery and to bring the old one back! Arrived in Santa Cruz about noon and promptly replaced the battery and woohoo! It started!

Mission accomplished. We spent the rest of the day parked on West Cliff Drive watching the surfers and the waves until the sunset. Then we headed out for dinner, a place that I go every time I'm in Santa Cruz. Taqueria Los Pericos! We picked up another Banana Slug, the female friend of my Banana Slug and headed off to get my favorite Tacos. After we dropped them off and headed out to Delaware St where we spent the night before. It seemed all was ok as there were several RV's parked out on the street. We picked a spot behind one of them and called it a night.

We woke at 6am as we were intent on watching the sunrise and wanted a great spot, which we got one right in front of the light house. And it was beautiful. I was able to get a good timelapse on my GoPro and shot some cool video of the early morning surfers. Then it was time to head home. On the way back as we hit 880 we decided to take a detour and drive to SF and take Yub Nub over the Golden Gate Bridge. We drove by Union Square to see the Christmas Tree. It felt strange as we drove through SF as the normal hustle and bustle was not present.

We drove down to Fishermans Wharf which looked like a scene from a post apocalyptic movie, and then headed to Japan town. Some shops were open, but were limited the shoppers that could enter. We ordered some food and headed back to the Van to enjoy. Thats when we noticed the pink paper on our window. It was a ticket for parking in a no parking zone in Santa Cruz! Ouch! Lucky that it was only $48. We ate our lunch commenting on how the city was most likely making up revenue from all the shut downs. Once we finished we drove over Golden Gate and parked at the Golden Gate Vista Point rest area and took in the view. We stayed about an hour before we drove home.

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