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Canyon Creek

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

So...we purchased our Travato 59GL NPE and received an offer for free camping from the dealer. Nice Perk! We scheduled for this weekend a Friday and Saturday Night. We arrived about 6pm, it was dark, the host let us choose any open spot we wanted. We decided right next to Canyon Creek itself. Of course it was dark so we truly could not see the beauty that awaited us in the morning. It did not disappoint. We woke up early and was able to see the sun come up.

We made breakfast on our Blackstone Griddle and went for a walk. What a beautiful day and campground. The price to pay for this weekend was a 90 minute sales presentation that turned into 2hours. No, we did not buy, but in return we earned 4 additional nights that we can use in the next 6months as well as a Coast to Coast membership for a year. We are looking forward to more excursions in our Travato!

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