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It was too HOT!! Day one.

iPhones don't lie!! the weather app was telling me it was going to be 111 degrees on Saturday! I guess it's finally time to go. We grabbed everything and said our goodbyes and headed for the Coast. We did this the during the last heat wave and knew it was the right direction. I must say even though we had a plan, we didn't. We had purchased a Winnebago Travato and scored some complimentary camping for the first year. We planned on using that along with Harvest host to travel. Well, what we didn't realize is that you need to book your spots early, especially if your going to travel during camping seasons. It appears that all the campgrounds are full. Thats ok, I downloaded a few apps that helped us. My favorite so far is iOverlander, it shows where some others have 'boondocked' and gave us ideas of our own. So off we went with a non-plan plan, whatever that means.

Finally on our Journey to find where we want to be, our first stop would be....Shake Shack! Not any Shake Shack, we needed to find one near the Bay Area Somewhere in the direction we were headed. OK, yes I'm a addicted to Shake Shack ever since I visited Washington and tried the SmokeShack, so delicious with the chopped cherry peppers, bacon, all on a Kings Hawaiian roll (work peeps know). So we followed SIRI's directions and stopped off at Marin Country Mart, a cute little shopping center in Larkspur, CA. Oh and btw temps in the Mid 70's. I ended up with the Golden State Double, last chance since we were headed North and the next Shack Shack is in Beaverton OR. I'm already getting excited for that!

So on to Sir Francis Drake Blvd to get to HWY 1 and just like that...natures air conditioner. We made a few stops to soak in the beautiful California coast.

And found a place just outside Jenner to call it a day, we had dinner and was able to see a gorgeous sunset.

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