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no Heat in Endor! Day 4

As a Star Wars fan, this is one of the places I was most excited to see on my list of places to see!! My rig Travantive IV is named Yub Nub and it has been waiting to take me to Endor. This day did not disappoint and I'm sure I could spend days here and never get bored. We woke up at the most beautiful and well kept rest stop. Had breakfast and had my coffee.

We drove to Redwood National and State Parks. Now I read that the Lost World Jurassic Park was filmed there as well.

We took the longer hike through the redwoods walking amongst the big trees only to end up in front of the one they call "Big Tree" Over 1500 Years Old over 286 feet tall and 23.7 feet in Diameter.

Again not having a confirmed place to stay we started Looking for a place for the night. We turned to Harvest Host and led us to the Lucky 7 Casino 30 minutes outside of Cresent City.

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