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Shots Fired! but its still cool! Day 5

"Next time I'll knock you out!" is what woke me up at 2am. We were parked at the RV lot of the Lucky 7 Casino in Smith River which is part of our Harvest Host membership. "Justin what are you doing! Justin!" another voice yelling. POP! what sounded like a gun shot. That was it, no cops came nothing. So...after about 30 minutes and discussing amongst ourselves if we want to stay or leave...we went back to sleep.


The next morning we woke up, had breakfast and continued North toward the Oregon Coast. One of the problems we found driving up the Oregon Coast is we wanted to stop at every vista point and pull off to soak in the scenery. Incredible and awesome. The first place we stopped was near the Thomas Creek Bridge coastal Trail and went on a Hike.We found that this was part of the Oregon Coastal Trail. There were several downed trees that blocked access to parts of the trail and even though we were able to get a good view of Thomas Creek Bridge the trail leading to a better view was blocked.

After the hike we continued up the coast till we reached Bandon. We treated ourselves to lunch at Wilsons Market. I will have dreams about this place. Smoked pork shoulder and Baja cream chicken Nachos and tacos. The Flavor was so good. Good call Rochelle!! We headed up and drove through Coos Bay, and pulled over near the harbor to figure out where we were going to stay for the night. Street parking in Coos bay. We decided to take a chance on an iOverlander informal campsite. It was Parking for the Dunes Trailhead. We were the only ones there when we arrived, it was getting dark so we settled in for the night and went to sleep. About 3 am we heard a vehicle pull in, it drove around the parking lot and shined a light into the front window and then drove around the parking lot and then left. We couldn't make out if it was a Ranger or not, but we did have our America the Beautiful pass displayed. We went back to sleep.

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