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Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Yellowstone is an incredible park with incredible views. 2.2 Million Acres sitting on a volcanic hot spot, Yellowstone's has spectacular views of canyons, rivers, forests, hot springs and of course Geysers (Old Faithful, probably the most famous of all). Yellowstone extends into parts of Idaho and Montana, but is mostly in Wyoming. The first thing we wanted to see was Old Faithful, but on the way we stop at some of the springs.

Supposedly over half the WORLDS hydrothermal features and geysers are in Yellowstone. The colors are said to be created by microorganisms that flourish in hot temperatures and they were absolutely beautiful. You can look at pictures of this park, but as I have found out, you need to experience and see for yourself.

It was just incredible...

It was like we stepped foot on another planet...


We finally made it to Old Faithful and there was a crowd waiting for this spectacular geyser to do its thing. We were able to see an incredible eruption after watching a few sputters here and there. As you may know, Old Faithful got its name due to the fact you can count on its somewhat predictable eruptions. Since earthquakes in 1983 Old Faithful has slowed a bit in its eruptions.

We spotted some Bison as we drove through the park no bears, elk or moose ;(

After an incredible day we decided to look for a place to call it a night. We found a place right outside of West Yellowstone in Montana near the West Fork Denny Creek in the Custer Gallatin National Forest thanks to iOverlander app. Apparently other vanlifers had the same app.

The next morning we visited the town of West Yellowstone.

And I found a shirt that provided some advice that apparently I was already following.

After a some breakfast and coffee we went back into Yellowstone NP. Here is a photo dump for your viewing pleasure.

We found a great boon docking spot that night. And so far no bears! We woke to some spectacular views.

And started making our way through the Shoshone National Forest, and Dead Indian Pass also known as Wyoming Highway 296 (WYO 296) also known as the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway and Dead Indian Hill Road. It was a very winding and steep road and I was a little worried that Yub Nub would be able to handle it, but performed superbly. The views were incredible.

We stopped at Dead Indian Pass Summit overlook which had two metal statues that stood watch over the land.

After making our way through the pass, We stopped off in a town called Cody for lunch and coffee (I like coffee)

We continued to drive and ended up lucking out as we found Sitting Bull Campgrounds located in Bighorn National Forest, which was about to close for the season SO IT WAS (in Adam Sandlers high pitch voice) FREE!

We arrived close to dusk so we found a great spot for the night.


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