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We bought a Travato

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

2020, COVID...we had plans to visit Europe this year. My wife of 29 years has always wanted to visit. Oh how plans change. Instead, we decided to purchase a RV, did everyone else!! It was like toilet paper, dealers did not have any in stock, but we were shopping everyday online and seemed that we had a couple of opportunities that slipped through our fingers as even the sales people had a hard time as we had one sold right from under us, doing as much research online as we could. Our original conclusion was a Winnebago Travato, but then Thor released their Sequence 20A with a rear full bed and POP UP feature and nearly changed direction. We were lucky enough that we were able to view a Thor in person and decided that the Winnebago was a better overall build. Then our sales person called letting us know that they were expecting a Winnebago Travato 59GL NPE and we swooped in...The beginning of VanLife

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