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Escaping the Heat! Day 2

From running the air conditioner one day to the next day wearing jackets to keep warm. We woke to some cool weather, ate breakfast and headed up the coast. Only knowing a direction for the day, we ended up stopping at Fort Bragg and exploring Glass Beach.

Amazing and Beautiful as it turns out this site was once a dumping ground and now the tumbled glass shimmers in the beach. Unfortunately people have been taking the glass from the beach and depleting the beach of what it has become famous.

We headed back into town to grab some provisions and fill up visiting the local Safeway and Costco. Then we headed to our home for the night just outside of town. Since we didn't book any campsites or RV resort, we had to rely on iOverlander to point us in a direction. It took us to a Vista Point on the Coast that with a short hike gave us Gorgeous views and a Magnificent Sun Set.

The non-plan plan wasn't too bad so far.

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