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#Harvest Host

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

What a great idea! We heard of Harvest Host and decided to take advantage of the Black Friday deal. Harvest Host is a network of wineries and farms that through this membership allow you to spend the night in your RV, all they ask is that you patronize the business.

We ended up deciding to on two spots fairly close to home. The first night was spent at Julietta Winery. It is a intimate winery with a small vineyard toward the back of the property.

We arrived just before 5pm and was able to enjoy a charcuterie board and taste some wine along with a fantastic sunset.

If you are looking for something to next weekend, I would recommend visiting and even spend the night if you can.

The Next day we drove to Consumnes River Farms. There was space for multiple RV's, however again we were the only ones this weekend.

We arrived about Noon, we were able to enjoy live music, which was fantastic. We enjoyed some wine slushies and picked up some of the farms balsamic vinegar and oil.

We enjoyed a walk around the vineyards and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset.

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